Antoine Roulin



Backend developer on Coog, an open-source solution for the insurance sector.

Canton Consulting

Worked on identity (FIDO), interactive legal texts exploration, and scalable payment systems. Redaction of documentation and creation of prototypes around web payment and web authentication in the browser.

Agence française de développement

Creation of a dynamic employee directory from scratch for the AFD during a summer internship. Employed different types of visualisations, and explored new search features.



Computer engineering curriculum specialized in artificial intelligence. Studied a wide array of programming paradigms (OOP, functional, logic), applied mathematics and statistics, before focusing on AI during the last year.

Politecnico di Milano

Exchange semester in Computer Science. Studied recommender systems, human-computer interaction, and advanced databases.

"That's why I like this machine", and he showed the computer. "She's stupid, she does not believe, she does not make me believe, she does what I tell her, stupid me, stupid she — or him. This is an honest relationship."

Umberto Eco, Foucault's Pendulum